Mini Review #5 There Like Nothing Is Ever There

Mini Review #5 Magazine: Pank Issue: Online 8.05/May 2013 Title: There Like Nothing Is Ever There “A man wants to ask his father, how much time is enough? How much is enough? Who was it asked that? Albert Camus? Maybe it was George Michael. At any rate, it was prescient and deep.”       The thing that […]

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Mini Review #4 Security

Mini Review #4 Magazine: Missouri Review Issue: Volume 35 #2 Title: Security by Daniel A. Hoyt “Don’t flap that ear at me, I thought, and he didn’t, which was the kind of synchronicity I always wanted to believe in. That wanting is more powerful than belief itself.”       Loss has a way of pulling you into […]

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Mini Review #3 Her Bright Future

Magazine: Inlandia Journal Issue: Volume II Issue II, Summer 2012 Title: Her Bright Future by Ellen Hecht “Somehow, that little glimpse in the mirror in the morning seemed to give her the kind of hope that everyone in her family, and those like them, had buried somewhere along the dusty roadside between Oklahoma and where […]

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